What BMP does!

We Create Online and Advertising Video Content.

Established in 2003 Blacmac Productions has produced award-winning short films, documentaries, Music Videos and Television Commercials for a diverse range of clients. Producing team, Peter Blackburn and Graham Young have over 14 years film experience between them and share a passion for making the Australian film industry a true competitor on the world stage.

Blacmac Productions primary objective is production facilitation of projects from concept to delivery.  Blacmac Productions offer a full range of services to meet the creative and economic requirements of any production.

New Project for 2014


One shot feature film!

One shot feature film!

Idea 1. We want to make a feature film.
Idea 2. In one-shot.
Idea 3. And send it to Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.
It’s the story of Sarah Prentice. Sarah had a life, once. She had a husband, and a daughter. She had holidays. But now she is locked in a personal hell; suffering severe OCD and agoraphobia, she is alone and battling to get her life – and her control – back.
We have set ourself an enormous technical and logistical challenge in attempting to shoot this incredibly raw and moving film; everything will be laid bare for the audience to see. Every triumph, every mistake, every detail, every eighth repetition – you will see it all.

FNQ Lager TVC for Bluesky Brewery Cairns

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